Sunday, October 18, 2009

Great Room Project Update, Saturday 10/17


Last night’s staple jam turned out to be really easy to fix. A 90-second job using a single hex wrench. I just didn’t want to be the guy who hosed up a borrowed machine by messing up internal seals and screwing up a dozen hard-to-get O-rings. No such worries.

Half day of work today. Lots of whacking of the nailer. Betsy was around in the evening, and took a couple photos of me in action:

Here I'm selecting the next few rows. The trick is to keep the ends staggered, so the joints DON”T line up. You also have to mix up long and short pieces. I try to work out of a couple boxes at once, so any color variation is more randomized.

Sometimes a bowed or curved board has to be tapped into place. With a couple of good whallops, the nailer can straighten out a moderatly warped board. I’ve been surprised at how few reject boards I’ve come across. Pretty good quality for $3/sq.ft., I’d say.

Your standard whacking position.

The end of the day pic. Visible progress. Yay, me!

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