Sunday, November 11, 2007

Carb O' the Week - and a Warning

Not sure if this qualifies as a true Carb. But it does contain at least some actual Chex, so it can't be too far off, even if said Chex had a suspicious orange hue.
I purchased this bag o' snax while driving home from a "smoky dive"gig the other night. A guy just gotta munch on something if he expects to stay awake driving alone at 3:00 in the morning. Note the subtle hints like Hot 'n Spicy and The Hottest Ever!. "Yeah, right", I thought. Well, they weren't kidding this time. Not Jalapeno hot, but seriously hot nonetheless. The bag is even on fire - look at those flames!
I can say they did their job.

Fish Report

Current number of fish = zero.

The final fishy resident, Peugeot, bit the dust. He (she? it?) was spared the indignity of the Final Flush, and instead is buried in the back yard next to our most prized lawn ornament, the lifiesize cast concete brain. Or under the brain. I forget.