Monday, October 12, 2009

Great Room Project, Monday 10/12

Not much today

This past weekend I had my debut gig with the Stevens Mill Band. It was at an outdoor folk life festival held at Latta Plantation, a historic site just north of Charlotte. This band plays mostly high energy acoustic music - some singer/songwriter stuff, newgrass, a little celtic even. I played the fretless on Saturday, and switched to the upright on Sunday, which just seemed more appropriate for playing in a barn. It was a lot of fun. This event, along with attending a Charlotte Symphony concert, kept me away from the great room pretty much all weekend.

There was even a rooster that would occasionally crow at just the right part of a song. By Sunday afternoon he was getting the hang of things.


Since rain is in the forecast for both this afternoon and later this week, and I have NOT done the semi-annual ritual planting of the grass seed, I needed to do some yard work this morning. Blast leaves with the leaf shredder, make another compost system out of them, then rake out the dead grass, sticks, and acorns. With a little luck, this will boost the grass seed germination rate up to 10% or so. Just try growing grass in deep shade in a drought! Fortunately, I found a great worker to contract this out to. Here’s a picture of him with a bunch of roots he dug out with that pickax of his. Seems like I’ve been tripping over those roots for the past 10 years. What a guy! A little strange, though. He wanted to be paid in gold, and treated the cash I gave him like it was a used Kleenex.

Great Room Project duties consisted of heading to the crawlspace and toenailing in a chunk of wood into the floor underneath where that piece of OSB was maybe sagging. There was no other damage there, so that’s good. Probably overkill, but…

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