Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Tale of Mr. Skippy

We decided that Petey The Rabbit was acting pretty lonely since the passing of her good buddy Bruno. So yesterday I went to the Charlotte Animal Shelter to investigate getting her some rabbitly company. They did indeed have a good candidate bunny. I brought Pete along with me to the shelter, so they even had a speed date to make sure they got along (or, a rabbit-on-rabbit interaction, as they say at the clinic). He's a fixed male, all black, slightly larger than Pete, and goes by the shelter name Skippy. We're guessing 2 years old. He was a favorite of the staff there.

So far, this is a VERY fired up rabbit. Guess I can't blame him: rescued from the pound, large and expansive new digs, a female to hang out with, new stuff to sniff and explore. He has been spotted tearing around the various cage boxes in figure eights, doing happy hops on the straight-aways. Pete is a little perplexed by all this energy. And the, umm, male attention. It took him an hour to figure out how to get up on top of the highest box, so that is no longer a private safe haven for Pete. But Mr. Skippy manages to give her some space, at least some of the time.

We're thinking about whether Skippy gets a new name or keeps the one he came with.

This afternoon was cool and sunny, so they got to hop around the deck for a while. I took a few pictures and a video.

Skippy (for now) The Rabbit

Looks a lot like Petey, eh?

I’ll edit this video when I learn how to edit video.
I do like the chain saw buzzing in the background…

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YowlYY said...

Wow, Mr Skippy is so happy there! Lots of running, which is good for the waistline :)
I hope they will be happy together, they look so similar too!