Tuesday, December 15, 2009

R.I.P. Bruno

Bruno the rabbit passed away this morning. He was our big, black-and-white bunny. From what we can tell, he was part Checkered Giant, and about 7 years old. Hard to be sure, given his history. Bruno came to us through the Mecklenburg Animal Shelter. We have him pegged as an Easter gift rabbit that just grew up to be much bigger than expected, seeing that his name in his former life was along the lines of “Baby”, or “Tiny”, or something like that. Definitely NOT the name a child would give the big, bold,10-pound thumper of a critter that we knew as Bruno.

The Mecklenburg shelter smartly requires that all outgoing pets be fixed. Along with that distinction, Bruno was also the only rabbit in the ‘hood to have an ear tattoo and an embedded microchip ID thingie. Pretty cool for a bunny.

Bruno is survived by Petey, his longtime friend, partner, and soulmate (those of you in South Carolina know what that means). They lived in a high-rise condo next to the back deck, a child’s play structure that was converted to a big, deck railing-level, covered hutch. In nice weather, Bruno would enjoy spending hours hopping around the deck, chasing Pete (or vice versa), and eating his favorite found food - old, dried-up oak leaves.

Bruno was a well-loved friend, and will be missed by all who knew him.

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YowlYY said...

So sorry to hear of Bruno going to the bridge, this seems like a time when many bunnies say goodbye to the humans and go to the perennial green fields filled with dandelions to play with the other departed bunnies.
I am sure he is being welcomed by my Sir Harvey, Nik, BillieBun, Hugo and Merlin and being shown the best spots for fresh dandies...