Thursday, November 26, 2009

Great Room Project Update, Thursday, 11/26

Minimalism II

I went up to IKEA and picked up a pair of cool Swedish minimalist chairs. IKEA is a great place. A lot of their stuff is a tad on the utilitarian side of things, but a lot is also actively interesting. They have great product names. The chairs and footstool below are from a line called Poang. Not sure if that translates into anything at all. Plus, they have good food, especially the Swedish meatballs and the desserts. But I was there at the wrong time of day to take advantage of that…

Continuing on with the minimalist theme, here’s the room with the Poang chairs assembled and installed. Kind of a knitters / music listeners / TV watchers cave. Hang something on the walls, and I could live with this.

The new sofa arrived on Tuesday. It’s B-I-G. Big and tweedy. It even came with those matching pillows. I think we are moving away from minimalism now, and getting back to a new and improved version of the way the room has historically been arranged.

We still have to get stuff up on the walls: the big glaring hole above the fireplace, the wall above the piano, etc. And the curtain scheme needs to change, but that will be Betsy’s contribution – drape selection of any sort is not a part of my personal skill set!
I’m still looking for a way to rationalize putting up some kind of ye olde and rustic outdoor gear collection. Like a set of old wooden skis, some snowshoes, and a pair of wooden canoe paddles. Just seems proper for a displaced Northerner living in the New South. The collection could go up on the high wall, maybe above the kitchen area. I already have the paddles. Too bad none of my 1980's era skis are anywhere near rustic enough. A pair of classic 210cm Rossi ROC550's, anyone? Those probably date to the late 1970's. Jeez...

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