Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great Room Project Update, Tuesday 11/17

Slowly moving stuff back in

1) A number of smaller projects have kept us from just hauling stuff back into the Great Room. We've run out of room to store CD's, and are looking for a better system than the current free-range CD stacks that grow on various tables, speakers, and corners of the house. If that big, honkin' entertainment center had another shelf above the TV, we could stash them in some kind of box system. So I had to build a shelf to fit up there. Hey - another chance to use my newly-acquired stain matching skills!

2) Hate to move our crappy old couch back into a nice new room. We sure got our moneys worth out of it, since it's older than either of our kids. It's lived a long and useful life, and is ready to be retired. But that leaves a pretty gaping hole in the decor, so we've been couch shopping.

Here's the room as it stands. Actually, I kind of like the empty, stripped-down, minimalist scheme. Except for the beat-up couch. I suppose we'll eventually want to hang pictures, arrange doo-dads, and move the rest of the furniture back in.

Here's one of the sofas we're considering. It's really a multi-colored tweed fabric, but it may end up looking like a plain beige couch from over 3 feet away. We may need to go with a darker fabric. The floor is light, the walls are light, the wood furniture is all pretty medium. The only dark-ish thing in the room is the rug.

The local squirrels are really tearing around outside today...

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