Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great Room Project, Friday 9/25

The great Great Room makeover is officially underway!

Here's the rough game plan:
- paint ceiling
- pull off baseboards
- paint walls
- tear out wall-to-wall carpeting.
- install hardwood floors
- baseboards back in.

Somewhere along the line we need to find a new couch and maybe a chair or two. We're thinkin' IKEA, since they just opened up a store in Charlotte, and have such good meatballs.

The room was blessed (as in "bless your heart" - Southerners know what that really means!) with a textured popcorn ceiling. It was there when we bought the house 14 years ago. I guess they are easy to install and cover a range of drywalling sins. So the project has to start with ceiling. I didn't really want to deal with either:

1) trial and error learning spraypaint technology

2) rolling paint with an ultra-thick napped roller, onto a surface of questionable integrity, that angles from 9' to 14' high.

So I called in the pros on this one. They came in on Friday morning, temporarily entombed the entire room in plastic, did their thing, and were out in about 6 hours. I didn't think to take pictures of this operation. Dang!

Here are some not-so-exciting photos. What do you expect - it's just a plain white ceiling! Not a lot of drama there. But it did brighten the room up quite a bit. I guess dinginess happens after 14 years.

I had time in the afternoon to run up to Lumber Liquidators and load the Rockvahn up with hardwood for the floors. Let me tell you - that thing was riding low on the way home!

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