Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Amsterdam Trip 2017. Day 2

MON MAR 13 (day 2)

It was Rijksmuseum Day, the one day of the entire trip that we we stuck to our original agenda.

Rijksmuseum, the Dutch nation art museum, in the distance, across Museumplein.

Had a good night's sleep, and made it to the museum by 10:00.  Took a guided tour, which is always fun.  HUGE place, with lots of specialized exhibits.  The museum centerpiece is Rembrandt’s “Night Watch”.  Lots of bored, cell-phone entranced teens hanging out there!  Fun collection of Durer prints - they had “Melancholia”,  but no “Young Hare”.  Lots of portraits and group portraits by the Dutch masters.  Never did find the Frans Post capybara in Brazil paining.

The naked statue people seem to be enjoying the big trees and the art museums

Had lunch right in the museum cafe’, which was good and surprisingly reasonable.  Our waitress disappeared, but it turned out that all the waitstaff had everyone’s order on an electronic device, so you can get your bill from anyone walking by. I thanked a nice elderly dutch couple for that information (“Excuse me, but how did you DO that - get your bill?”)

The famous IAmsterdam letters!  Selfie central.

Dinns at the Wildshuut, an eetcafe’ (perhaps our favorite Dutch word) on the way back.  They had most of their space reserved for some political party event. National elections, it turns out, were just two days ahead.  Frites and shrimp croquettes.  Salmon and salad for Betsy.

Visited the big - by Amsterdam city standards - grocery store to stock up on Greek yogurt, cheese, and crackers.

Texted Paul a Happy Birthday.

Along the Amstel River

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