Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Uncle Frank Hat

Knit Picks Ambrosia, 2 balls (110 yards, 50 gr each) 20% cashmere, 80% baby alpaca
Cascade Fixation, about 10 gr
Needle—4 & 5 or size needed for gauge
Gauge—8.75 st per inch unstretched (this stitch pattern draws in a lot—very stretchy)

Provisional cast on 140 stitches on larger needle with waste yarn, crochet cotton works well.

K one row in Ambrosia to prevent Fixation from showing through at the hem joining round.

Switch to Cascade Fixation and smaller needle, K around for 11 rounds. Keep the Fixation under tension while working.

Switch to Ambrosia. K one round, then P one round for a turning ridge. Switch to larger needle and begin Beaded Rib pattern:
Work about 12 rounds until outside matches hem length when folded along purl ridge. Undo provisional cast on and place released stitches on a second circular needle, a smaller size works well. Work an outer stitch together with an inner hem stitch in pattern around to join. Continue in pattern to a total length of 5.5 inches from purl turning ridge. Place markers every 20 stitches, between stitch 2 and 3 of pattern. *Work to 2 stitches before a marker, knit 2 together, continue in pattern repeating decreases around. Work a round in pattern without decreases.* Repeat these two rounds until 70 stitches remain. Then decrease every round, maintaining pattern. When 7 stitches remain, cut yarn, draw tail though stitches twice and weave ends in.

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