Monday, June 17, 2013

World Wide Knit in Public Day 2013 with the Charlotte Knitting Guild


World Wide Knit in Public Day was indeed celebrated by the Charlotte Knitting Guild.  Fiber-related art was installed at the Mint Museum of Craft + Design in uptown Charlotte.  Gotta like an institution with a plus sign as part of their official name.

The installation consisted of pre-knitted yarn bits of various sizes, shapes, and colors.  These are then woven in, through, and around the main hand railing leading into the museum.  This process typically goes by the street term of  "yarn bombing", although neither yarn or substrate is actually blown up.  Dang.

My role in all this was to take pictures, make a time-lapse video, haul yarn, fetch drinks, stay out of trouble, and, as is the case with most knit-related activities, generally enable.  

The Mint + Museum has some very cool exhibits going on right now.  There is F.O.O.D., which features fun items relating to all things kitchen and cooking.   There is also an exhibit by Columbian political artist Debora Arango.  Wild, colorful, fun, and thought-provoking all around.   Catch them if you can.


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