Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sidewinder Sock #1


Here it is at the completion of knitting, before the massive grafting operation has taken place. Is it really a sock? It reminds me of the skin taken from an animal, an oddly shaped flattish piece that's not quite the shape you would think it should be. I had concerns about how it was going to fit.


And a miracle occurs after 140 stitches of grafting! It fits perfectly, and is comfortable. Ya never know with unconventionally designed wearables. This one's a winner. Time to cast on for #2 as my left foot is jealous.

Yarn: Opal Hundertwassers in Silver Spiral

Pattern: Sidewinders by nonaKnits

Mods: added a third small short row gusset (16-20-16) just before last row to fit my generous calves. Also used K F&B increases as my lifted increases were tight. KnitPicks Options #2 needle, 32", 7-8 wide size.

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