Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Squirrels could easily become a common blog feature, mainly because they are our 7th or 8th favorite animals. They are hard to avoid in real life, so why not include them here?

On your right is a photo of a rug. The kind of rug that gets put just inside the entrance to, say, the buildings where you work. There is usually some 3rd party business whose job it is to rotate these rugs every week or so. This particular rug was spotted where we happen to work. It presents us with solid evidence that somebody, somewhere, at sometime clearly associated SQUIRRELS with SAFETY. That is just plain hard to even imagine. Ever seen a cautious squirrel? I think that's rather unlikely. Have you ever personally squashed a squirrel who had just made an quick, poorly thought out, unnecessary, and likely fatal decision? A decision that was, say, 180 degrees WRONG? Bet you have.

Maybe Safety Rugs-R-Us has a point: have you ever whacked a squirrel who was playing a saxophone at the time? I think not.

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Anonymous said...

looks lie a cat